How automated trade systems take your business further


As a business exporting across the globe, you’re confronted with the challenge of complying with a vast and complex landscape of rules and regulations. Global trade requires companies to either navigate a different set of rules at each border, or even where the rules are the same, apply a different compliance process.

One solution is automating your trade and customs procedures. This allows you to speed up your processes and make them more efficient while remaining compliant with trade and customs rules across jurisdictions. In addition, trade automation systems can liberate trade specialists from routine manual tasks so that they can focus on activities that add more strategic value to the business.

At KPMG, our Trade & Customs experts work together with clients to set up standardized automated systems to reduce trade costs and move goods faster, cheaper and with less risk. We develop a business case assessing your trade automation needs, requirements and benefits and then guide you from implementation to operation.


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