Global imports and exports: Keeping it simple is the best way forward


Today’s global production chains mean that goods are likely to have crossed customs borders many times before the final product is ready to go to market. The reasons for this vary. For instance, in the product creation process you may supply from abroad; or, you may send the product abroad for reparation or to undergo a specific process; you may be transiting through; or, you’re storing your product.

In each scenario, a different customs procedure applies. This means companies face an enormous variety of customs scenarios. Using a customs simplification scheme like the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) can help to accelerate your processes, provide easier access to customs simplifications and put you in a more favourable position to comply with the new security requirements.

At KPMG, our Trade & Customs experts support clients with all processes related to their import and export operations, including the application for AEO Status.


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