Legal clarity and certainty, despite complexity


Although trade rules can be overwhelming at times, they do provide you with legal certainty. If you apply the law appropriately, you are almost certain to avoid trouble when moving your goods across borders. Still, you can even go a step further. Certain customs processes can be fixed under a ruling by the relevant customs authorities for a set period of time. This would provide you with absolute certainty for those particular customs processes.

In the case of an infraction or negligence of the law, a voluntary disclosure is a friendly way of settling and finding a lawful solution for your trade operations with the customs authorities.

When there is a disagreement with the customs authorities in a ruling or penalty, you have the right to appeal the decision and argue otherwise.

At KPMG, our team of Trade & Customs experts includes lawyers with training in different jurisdictions who are ready to assist you in all matters related to administrative and judicial litigation.


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