Exchange of information for tax purposes in Switzerland: A look back at 2019

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration published its annual activity report for the year 2019, which includes a section dedicated to the automatic exchange of information.

New QI & FATCA FAQs published by the IRS

Last week, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service published various new FAQs on their website. We set out in this article the implications of these new FAQs for Swiss financial institutions.

Swiss pension funds: New withholding tax exemption in India for infrastructure investments

Until recently, the Indian market has not been particularly attractive for Swiss pension funds to make investments, due primarily to the tax leakage suffered in India on the generated returns. As a result, India has been very low on the target investment list of Swiss pension funds for some time.

UK Budget 2020: Impact for Switzerland?

On 11 March 2020, the UK Chancellor delivered his first Budget of the post-Brexit era. Important tax changes were anticipated, but did not really materialize. We discuss the announced UK tax changes – and the potential impact for Switzerland.

DAC6 developments – discover more in KPMG’s webinar

The EU Mandatory Disclosure Rules (DAC6) will apply as of 1 July 2020, with a retroactive effect of 2 years. Although the timeline is tight, questions still remain unanswered in practice.

QI training – an efficient e-learning approach

Under the new Qualified Intermediary Agreement (Revenue Procedure 2017-15) released in 2017, banks acting as qualified intermediaries (QIs) are required to organize regular training sessions for all employees working on QI matters. Many QIs struggle to put into effect a reliable and cost-effective solution to this requirement. Using an external provider is an ef […]